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Msa Orion Pump Multigas Detector

Msa Orion Pump Multigas Detector

Msa Orion Pump Multigas Detector,

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Applications:Agriculture,Chemical,Construction,Electric Utility,Fire Fighting,Hazardous Materials,Oil and Gas,Hazards,Combustible Atmosphere,Confined Space,Oxygen Deficiency,

Product Information

A low-cost, four-gas portable detector featuring one-button calibration, easy-to-change sensors, rugged construction with excellent resistance to dust and water penetration, and a 16- to 20-hour run time. With an internal pump and charger included, this multigas detector is priced below most competitive four-gas detectors now on the market. Detects O2, H2S, CO and combustible gas and is used for confined space entry in industrial, agricultural and other environments as well as by fire and rescue personnel. Accommodates either NiMH or alkaline batteries, which are interchangeable.



One-button calibration,Long-life battery,Carbon-filled nylon case,Tough durable construction,Built-in pump,Galaxy compatibility,Large easy-to-read display,Durable sensors,Link Software compatibility,


Construction,Defence,Fire,Mining,Oil,Gas and Petrochemical,Utilities,


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