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precision square levels

precision square levels

precision square levels

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Level meter is mainly used for testing a variety of machine tools and workpiece flatness,straightness,squareness and equipment installation level and so on.



Level meter manufactured by different uses of box-type level meter,strip level meter,magnetic level meter to stabilize and fixed on four model

How it works:

Inner glass bubble level is a curved surface having a radius of curvature, when the level meter is inclined, the bubbles rise to the level of the end of the movement apparatus, the larger the radius of curvature of standard foam wall the higher the resolution, the smaller the radius of curvature, to distinguish rate is lower, so the level bubble radius of curvature determines the accuracy of the product.

Instrument structure:

Level mainly by the body itself, standard foam system and adjusting mechanism. Body Body measurable base surface, bubble level for reading body body measurements reflect the true value of the base surface, adjusting mechanism for adjusting the horizontal instrument zero.



1, in order to avoid the zero level meter measurement error caused by inaccurate, so the use of the level meter before inspection or adjustment of zero.

2, the temperature change will produce errors measurement, testing or use of wind and heat source must be isolated, such as the use of ambient humidity and storage environment humidity different, you need to use the environment in a stable three hours before use.

3, the measurement must be completely still bubbles before reading.

4, the horizontal instrument after use,you must wipe clean the face,oiled,stored in a clean,dry place.


Square levels 100:1.3 kg

Square levels 150:2.6 kg

Square levels 200:3.8 kg

Square levels 250:5.4 kg

Square levels 300:7.5 kg

Sensitivities;1 division 0.1,0.05,0.02 and 0.01mm/m.


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