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Manhole Cover Petroleum

Manhole Cover Petroleum

Petroleum Manhole Cover

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Petroleum Manhole Assemblies for virtually any petroleum tank truck application and specification. Specified by oil companies and transport fleets around the world, Civacon petroleum manhole assemblies are available in a plated steel, and stainless steel. Civacon covers are available in standard sizes (16″ and 20″) and offer unparalleled safety features and operational benefits.

New and Replacement covers for DOT 406 and MC306 Cargo Tanks; meets HM183 replacement requirements and 178.346-10 venting requirements
Designed for Pressure/Vacuum Venting
Retrofits to existing weld rings
Reversible PAF
Buna N Gaskets Standard – optional materials available
10″ (260mm) aluminum vent set to open at not less than 3.63 PSI


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