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KOLOR KUT Terdapat 3 produk.

KOLOR KUT WATER FINDING PASTE is golden brown in colour and turns brilliant red upon contact with water. This product will successfully gauge water content in all petroleum and hydrocarbons as well as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, soap solutions, salt and other chloride solutions.
Directions for use:
Place a thin film of KOLOR KUT WATER FINDING PASTE on a clean gauge line, or rod, approximately where water level is expected to appear. Lower the tape into the tank until the bottom is reached and, on removal, the water level will appear by positive contrast of colours. Instantaneously in gasoline, diesel, kerosene and gas oils but heavy oils will require a few seconds to show.

KOLOR KUT GASOLINE FINDING PASTE is a light pink paste which turns to a contrasting bright red upon contact with petrol or gasoline, naphthalene, kerosene, Crude oil, fuels, Petroleum products and various chemicals.
Put a thin layer of KOLOR KUT GASOLINE FINDING PASTE on a clean measuring tape about where the product level is expected. Drop the measuring tape until you've reached the bottom. The product height is now signed by a colour difference in a few seconds.
Store at temperature range of 35 F to 115 F for best preservation of product.

KOLOR KUT MODIFIED WATER FINDING PASTE has been designed for use in Methanol, Ethanol enriched Fuel Systems. Alcohols are soluble in fuels, in all proportions, when they are water-free but relatively small amounts of water can cause separation of alcohol from the fuel. The mixture settling to the bottom of the storage tank contains a high concentration of alcohol and cannot be detected by most water detection pastes.
KOLOR KUT MODIFIED WATER FINDING PASTE changes from dark brown in colour to bright red on contact with water. Phase separated alcohol solutions, with as little as 6% water, will turn the paste yellow.


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