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Alat bantu pernapasan Scott Sigma ASCmarine

Alat bantu pernapasan Scott Sigma ASCmarine

Alat bantu pernapasan Scott Sigma ASCmarine

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Alat bantu pernapasan Scott Sigma ASCmarine

The Scott ACSm is an open circuit, self-contained, compressed air breathing aparatus. It consists of a back plate, carrying harness and pneumatic system, consisting of a cylinder connector, reducer, pressure guage, whistle and demand valve.
The ACS can be configured in a number of different ways with various size single cylinders. There are also a range of attachments available including Airline, Split Demand Valve Coupling ( SDC) .
The ACS is used in conjunction with a range of composite or steel cylinders and the choice of Vision 3, Panaseal, Panavisor or Promask PP facemask.

The Sigma ACSm is specifically designed as a Marine / Industrial SCBA, but is also suitable for providing respiratory protection for any IDLH



Cylinder Optional
Carbon Composite :
- 4,7 litre 300 bar ( Cyl - FWC 1300 RA) - ( 5, 2 kg fully gharge)
- 6,8 litre 300 bar ( Cyl - FWC 1860 RA) - ( 7, 1 kg fully charge)
Steel Cylinder :
- 6 litre 200 bar ( Cyl 1200 RA)-( 8, 8 kg fully charge)
- 6 litre 300 bar ( Cyl 1640 bar)-( 11, 9 kg fully charge)

Approval Information
CE marked in accordance with
EN 137:2006: Class 1


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